Graphite by Peter Gast

Graphite by Peter Gast is a speakeasy restaurant (1 Michelin star) situated in our building. The only way in is with your own QR code, which you will receive after booking a table. The setting is clubby with loud music, dimmed lights and a lot of privacy - and you can count on being entertained with special flavours and quirky wines. 

13 MIN

Café Americain

In the fifties Café Americain already was the local meeting place in the very heart of Amsterdam; nowadays it is an iconic spot for everyone, with a phenomenal view on the Leidse Square. This famous Art Deco restaurant is a modern-day brasserie that is writing history with its "class and classics", open all day.

17 MIN

Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Bar

Who doesn't know Tony's Chocolonely? In 2020, the sustainable (and of course seriously delicious) chocolate brand opened its very own chocolate bar in the heart of Amsterdam. A true chocolate mecca with flowing chocotaps, sweet chocolate burgers, but also savoury bites. Besides all the chocolate deliciousness, the bar also raises awareness of the issues going on in the chocolate industry.


Coffee & Coconuts

CT Coffee & Coconuts is located in the heart of the always bustling 'Pijp' area, in a former 1920s cinema. The hip establishment is a bit if Bali and a bit of New York. In the breathtaking art deco building, you can choose a spot on several on floors and indulge in long brunches, healthy juices, cosy afternoon drinks, and endless lovely evenings. 

16 MIN

De Ysbreeker

The first mention of 'De Ysbreeker' was in 1717, when it was an inn that owed its name to the icebreaker that kept the Amstel open for brewers during severe frosts. The exterior remained unchanged, but the interior has had some updates. You can go to the café for a good cup of coffee, cosy drinks and lunch or dinner with a view of the water.