25 MIN

EYE Film Museum

Filmmuseum Eye is all about film and the art of the moving image. In the distinctive waterfront building, you'll be treated to an impressive collection of Dutch and international films, posters and film equipment that mark important moments in the history of cinema.

25 MIN


The STRAAT Museum is located in the monumental Lasloods on the NDSM-Werf and is the largest Street Art Museum in the world. In the warehouse with an immodest surface area of 7,000 m2, you can admire about 150 works of art by artists from home and abroad. One of the best-known works of art is that of Anne Frank, which you can spot as soon as you arrive.

10 MIN

Our Lord in the Attic

Tucked away in Amsterdam's city center you can find a uniquely preserved seventeenth-century house from the Dutch Golden Age. In the museum, through narrow corridors and stairs, you'll be led to historically furnished living rooms, kitchens and bedsteads, and eventually the literal highpoint of the museum: an entire church in the attic.