Graphite by Peter Gast

Graphite by Peter Gast is a speakeasy restaurant (1 Michelin star) situated in our building. The only way in is with your own QR code, which you will receive after booking a table. The setting is clubby with loud music, dimmed lights and a lot of privacy - and you can count on being entertained with special flavours and quirky wines. 

The Manor Amsterdam - Restaurant R
20 MIN

Restaurant R

At Restaurant R, indulge in creatively delicious meals that embrace the principles of circular gastronomy. Here, dining isn't just about taste—it's about making a positive impact on our planet. Nestled within the iconic The Manor Hotel Amsterdam in the city's vibrant East, this one-of-a-kind pop-up restaurant invites you to savour a blend of traditional and modern French dishes.

17 MIN

Tony’s Chocolonely Chocolate Bar

Who doesn't know Tony's Chocolonely? In 2020, the sustainable (and of course seriously delicious) chocolate brand opened its very own chocolate bar in the heart of Amsterdam. A true chocolate mecca with flowing chocotaps, sweet chocolate burgers, but also savoury bites. Besides all the chocolate deliciousness, the bar also raises awareness of the issues going on in the chocolate industry.

Tips from the Eden team

Esther about her favourite spots in Amsterdam


Coffee & Coconuts

CT Coffee & Coconuts is located in the heart of the always bustling 'Pijp' area, in a former 1920s cinema. The hip establishment is a bit if Bali and a bit of New York. In the breathtaking art deco building, you can choose a spot on several on floors and indulge in long brunches, healthy juices, cosy afternoon drinks, and endless lovely evenings. 

16 MIN

De Ysbreeker

The first mention of 'De Ysbreeker' was in 1717, when it was an inn that owed its name to the icebreaker that kept the Amstel open for brewers during severe frosts. The exterior remained unchanged, but the interior has had some updates. You can go to the café for a good cup of coffee, cosy drinks and lunch or dinner with a view of the water.

25 MIN

EYE Film Museum

Filmmuseum Eye is all about film and the art of the moving image. In the distinctive waterfront building, you'll be treated to an impressive collection of Dutch and international films, posters and film equipment that mark important moments in the history of cinema.

25 MIN


The STRAAT Museum is located in the monumental Lasloods on the NDSM-Werf and is the largest Street Art Museum in the world. In the warehouse with an immodest surface area of 7,000 m2, you can admire about 150 works of art by artists from home and abroad. One of the best-known works of art is that of Anne Frank, which you can spot as soon as you arrive.

10 MIN

Our Lord in the Attic

Tucked away in Amsterdam's city center you can find a uniquely preserved seventeenth-century house from the Dutch Golden Age. In the museum, through narrow corridors and stairs, you'll be led to historically furnished living rooms, kitchens and bedsteads, and eventually the literal highpoint of the museum: an entire church in the attic. 

12 MIN

A'DAM Tower

With 22 floors the A’DAM Tower literally is an eye-catcher. Here you can find several bars, restaurants and a lookout that offers an impressive view over the city. One of the highlights in the tower is the Lookout Swing, where you can swing above the skyline of Amsterdam.  

Hidden gem
11 MIN

Begijnhof (courtyard)

Behind a door at the Spuiplein, in the middle of the city centre, you will find a real hidden gem. The Begijnhof is the only courtyard that was founded in the Middle Ages and was a kind of convent, in which the beguines did have more freedom than nuns in a convent. The statue of the Sacred Heart by Johannes Petrus Maas in the courtyard dates from 1920.

11 MIN

De Waag

The Waag originated in 1488 as one of the three city gates of the capital; the Sint Anthoniuspoort. In 1617, the wall was converted into the Waag, where goods arriving from the harbour were weighed. In the same period, several guilds settled in the Waag, including the surgeons' guild, whose public dissection Rembrandt van Rijn recorded in his famous painting 'Anatomy lesson of Dr Nicolaes Tulp'.



The Homomonument (Gay Monument), which has been located on the Westermarkt near the Keizersgracht since 1987, is the very first gay monument in the world. The sculpture consists of three pink triangles that are connected and represent the past, present, and future. The pink triangle refers to the Second World War, when gay men and women had to wear the triangle in concentration camps. 

19 MIN


Although the site on the North side of the IJ was once the largest shipyard in the world, now you feel like you're wandering through Brooklyn or Berlin. Count on a year-round festival here, visit the Street Art Museum Amsterdam or grab a seat at one of the cool food and drink outlets whilst enjoying spectacular views of the city and water. 


Our House

Our House, opposite our hotel, is the first museum entirely dedicated to electronic dance music. Discover the history, culture and subcultures of this groundbreaking music genre on a multi-sensory tour. This almost futuristic experience has not been created by just anyone; think of legendary DJs and event organisers such as Armin van Buuren, Diplo, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, ID&T and more.



The fact that Amsterdam is an important European jazz city is mainly thanks to the Bimhuis. Jazz and improvising musicians from the country and abroad perform in the concert hall. Jazz greats like John Scofield even claim that the international jazz venue is one of their top 10 venues to play worldwide. Every year, the Bimhuis presents the biggest Dutch jazz prize, the Boy Edgar Prize.

16 MIN


The Melkweg stands for pop culture, in the broadest sense of the world. The pop podium is located in a former sugar - and later diary - factory and the only remaining factory building on Amsterdam's ring of canals. The programming is also what makes the Melkweg so special. New talent is alternated with established names and you can find five art disciplines under one roof: music, dance/theater, film, photography and media art. 



Pop temple Paradiso opened its doors in 1968. Not in just any building, but in a former church in the middle of Amsterdam’s city centre. In 50 years' time, the groundbreaking music venue has grown into a legendary pop stage, club and cultural palace all in one. Paradiso's atmosphere and acoustics are world-famous, which is why world-class stars love to perform here.



Bitterzoet, also being called the Living Room of Amsterdam, is a bar, stage and theatre. The concept of this venue in the Spuistraat is to offer bands, DJs and other musicians a place where they can experiment and perform for a larger audience. All music styles are represented in Bitterzoet, from rock to hip-hop and soul.


Pride Amsterdam

During Pride Amsterdam, the city is covered in rainbow colours and Amsterdam is all about celebrating freedom, individuality and love. One of the highlights of Pride Week is of course the Canal Parade, but also the Pride Walk, lectures, concerts, expositions and the many festivities are worth visiting.


Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

Every year in October, the Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) takes place in our capital. That means five days of biggest international artists, best parties and hottest festivals all over the city. So it's no surprise that this renowned music event attracts visitors from all over the world.


Amsterdam Light Festival

In December and January, the streets and canals of Amsterdam's city centre are enchantingly lit by the Amsterdam Light Festival. Walk or sail through wintery Amsterdam and admire the most beautiful works of light art by artists from all over the world. Like to learn more about the works of art, artists and stories during the festival? Then choose one of the (walking) tours or special canal cruises.